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Services and Supplies

Thermopower has more than 30 years of experience serving industrial clients, with the supply, both preventive and predictive maintenance, supply, installation and commissioning of equipment.  It is a marketing organization, sale of both equipment and its parts, systems service, industrial plant equipment and industrial use in general.

  • Power and process boilers burning; natural gas, liquid fuels, coal, petroleum coke, biomass, garbage, etc.

  • Steam generators for injection into oil production wells burning natural gas, liquid fuels: #2, #6, etc.

  • Supply of electric motors of different brands, among which is  GE .  (We have the support of GEMotors-Click here)

  • Systems for handling solids, coke, among others.

  • Gas turbines and steam turbines of different capacities.

  • Electric motors from fractions of HP to thousands of HP.

  • Electricity generators from hundreds of KW to several MWs burning gas, liquid fuels.

  • Liquid pumping systems, centrifugal, positive displacement-screw, piston, etc.

  • Air and gas compression systems.

  • Heat recovery boilers (HRSGs) for combined cycles or for combined heat and power (CHP) and their parts.

  • Gas cleaning systems in combustion processes for particulate control, control of sulfur emissions, nitrous oxides and other pollutants and their parts.

  • Continuous emission monitoring systems.

  • Wired and wireless vibration measurement and monitoring systems (supported by IRD Mechanalysis Limited, GTI Spindle Technology and Shinkawa Industrial Vibration Monitoring Solutions).

  • Systems for measuring equipment efficiency.

  • Water treatment plants for industrial use.

  • systems and equipment for cleaning heat transfer surfaces; soot blowers and their control systems; Diamond Power International.

  • Combustion ash collection and management systems.

  • Solids handling systems for different industrial applications; in petrochemicals, refineries, mining industry; coal, iron and steel, aluminum, sugar industry, food, others.

  • Steam traps and coils, special radiators.

  • valves; globe, gate, butterfly, ball, motorized, control, needle, others.

  • Vibration transducers, meters, monitoring systems.

  • Instrumentation stainless steel connectors.

  • Electrical equipment for substations and transmission lines.

  • Electrical cables for both power and control.

  • Metals and alloys; tubes, sheets, bars, flanges, connectors, special profiles, structural - carbon steel, stainless steel, special steels.

  • General industrial tools and special tools.

  • Natural gas, solar energy and evaporative type air conditioners.

  • industrial welding machines; electric and diesel.

  • Machinery and equipment for civil construction.

  • Other Electrical Instrumentation and Control equipment.

  • Others required by customers.

Supply of Traditional Industrial Equipment

Industrial spare parts

New Technologies Equipment

  • LED Lamps with Solar Panel

  • Wind generators

  • Steam generators that burn alternative fuels

  • Electricity savers with batteries and/or supercapacitors

  • Generation of Electricity with Solar Panels

  • fuel cells

  • Solar containers for cold storage

  • carbon nanofibers

  • graphenes

  • Solar Water Heaters

  • Others.

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