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Projects (Partial)

Drive Recovery Work

Works have been carried out on boiler retubing, change of tube sections, repair of domes, change of heads, among others;  that have made it possible to return to steam generation. 


Unit Evaluation

With the support of Babcock & Wilcox, boiler evaluation work has been carried out in thermoelectric plants such as: Ramón Laguna Calderas of 80MW and 160MW; Central Plant 400 MW; Ricardo Zuloaga Plant 440 MW. 


Boiler Repair

Repair work on home walls, superheaters, heads, domes, burners, soot blowers, among other parts and equipment.


fuel conversion

Fuel conversion work in boilers used to generate electricity in thermoelectric plants.

conversion to gas.gif

Boiler Inspection

Inspections have been carried out in industrial boilers and thermoelectric plants, with different fuels such as natural gas, diesel, oil, bunker, coal, biomass. Among which can be mentioned: Termotasajero, Termo paipa, Termozipa, Termoguajira.


Auxiliary Equipment Inspection

Inspection, repair and maintenance of auxiliary equipment in boilers and furnaces such as electrostatic precipitators, ASH (ash) management systems, gas adaptation systems, among others.


Training of Engineers in Differents Plants

Training courses for plant workers from different customers in the use and maintenance of auxiliary equipment such as: sootblowers, video cameras for boiler furnaces and control systems for automated boiler internal cleaning.

Boiler Adjustment and Start-up

Adjustment of: air/fuel ratio, speed of response of control systems, adjustment of water levels in the steam drum, adjustment of response speeds of logic controllers; as well as boiler start-up after repairs and major  maintenance. (1).gif
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