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Represented Companies

Thermopower is the exclusive Representative for different manufacturers and/or technical support and equipment supply in the region, among others of the following companies:


BABCOCK & WILCOX  –  Leading company in the manufacture and service of boilers (subcritical, supercritical, ultrasupercritical, for steam for industrial use, among other models), steam generators, gas adaptation and filtering systems, coal mills, among others and their associated equipment; air-cooled systems (dry cooling), mechanical draft, wet and natural draft cooling towers, hyperbolic cooling towers, as well as after-sales services, spare parts and accessories.


B&W SPIG  – Manufacturer of dry and wet cooling systems. By dry way with aero condensers (if the client does not have available cooling water) and by wet way with cooling towers.  Since 1936, it has designed and installed cutting-edge projects for a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, cogeneration, and combined cycle, among others.  B&W SPIG's expertise includes wet, dry and hybrid solutions as specific customer requirements dictate. B&W SPIG can supply both mechanical and natural draft systems for a wide range of project specifications such as: high seismic loads, vibration control, corrosion, noise control, sub-freezing operation. Specialized services include preventative maintenance, equipment upgrades, spare parts, online performance monitoring, and a commitment to research and development to continually seek more efficient cooling system solutions.


DIAMOND POWER – Manufacturer and services company of equipment for cleaning heat transfer surfaces (soot blowers), water level control equipment in boiler domes, automation equipment for internal cleaning of boilers, chambers and online temperature measurement equipment for furnaces and boilers, ash handling equipment, coke handling equipment, and others.


TENSOL - Technical & Engineering Solution Inc. – Supplier of equipment and products for industrial use of traditional technology such as electric generators, motors, heat exchangers, spare parts for turbines, energy saving systems, among others; and innovative cutting-edge technologies: lamps with LED technology and solar panel, solar water heaters and coolers, air conditioners with thermal exchange solar panels, battery chargers,  additives for motor oils with nanotechnology and the like.
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